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If you are frustrated, confused or not getting results from your current eating plan, a 1 hour private nutrition consultation can give you clarity, empowerment, inspiration, direction and new found motivation to finally help you understand how to eat and the steps to make it an enjoyable reality. During your 1 hour, you will be assisted in understanding how and what to eat and ultimately how to make positive physical changes.


The information you will receive during your consultation will give you the tools to eat healthful, lose unwanted fat, and create positive eating habits. You will leave this session empowered with the beginning steps to makeover your body and health.


Fees: $25 per hour session

Buy a package of 3 sessions and save $10!


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Angie Schumacher, Certified Fitness Professional

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Master Your Metabolism

*No Current Class Scheduled.


How will this program benefit you?


arrowYour energy levels will increase; leaving you feeling motivated to reach your goals!   

arrowYou will lose that extra fat you have always wanted to, and tone at the same time!   

arrowWe will teach you how to use these skills for life, so that YOU are in charge of your weight and appearance!  

arrowLearn where you are, where you are going and how you will get there.



"If there's one thing you do for yourself to improve your fitness this year, this should be it!  Angie's Metabolism Class is what made me set and stick to my goals, push myself further, and learn so much about my bad habits and how to get passed them.  I really enjoyed the experience.  It was great sharing food obstacles with fellow class members and supporting each other each week in class and daily on-line.   Sharing our experiences made things less stressful and more fun.  

There are definite changes I have made in my nutrition because of the class.  Some that I stuck to for the three month fitness contest, such as no alcohol, no sodas, no butter; cutting way back on carbs, sugar, gluten, and eating out.  Several additions to my diet are part of my life-long plan, including flax seed, protein shakes, supplements, green tea, protein pancakes, and plenty of WATER! " 


Elisabeth Comeau

1st Place Winner of the Transformation Contest




    "I Bought an expensive pair of "styling jeans" that I would have never bought before and felt good in them.  I'm still a work in progress and plan to keep pushing a long, especially in the tummy area. This class was the best thing I've ever done for myself, besides increasing my excercise program.  I would highly recommend this to anyone.  Thanks for your continued support."

    Karie Docheff



    "The Metabolism Make over class was so worth the time and money that I put into it. I learned the power of goal setting, positive thinking and finding the balance of eating enough for the amount of activity I am doing.  I have also learned to look at everything I do and eat and decide if this is getting me closer to or pushing me farther away from my goals.  Angie is great at presenting the information and giving ideas that work into our busy everyday lives.  An added bonus is the support and the friendships from the other ladies in the class.  I would recommend this class to anyone that wants to change there eating and exercise habits to feel better and have more energy."


    Deanne Kear
    Longmont United Hospital
    Transaction Specialist



    "I have never been a strong breakfast eater.  Wasn't hungry, in a hurry, rushing kids around, etc.  The same old excuses.   And, if I wasn't hungry why bother eating right?  I was headed to the gym in just a little while anyway and I had heard or read somewhere that a workout could start your metabolism going, similar to breakfast.  


    Well, needless to say I was wrong.  After attending Angie's class the one main thing she wanted me individually to gain, was to start to eat breakfast.  Something healthy, with lot's of protein. I promised her I would.  It was a struggle at first.  But as time went on, I did wake up hungary, anxious for some fuel.  I feel better in the mornings, but mostly I have noticed that when I get home from my workout I am not starving, and therefore not eating nearly as much during my midday meal.  Which enables me to make better choices for that meal.

    Thanks Angie."


    Carlolyn Holst