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Fit Chick Express 30 Minute Workout - The Total Body Workout in Just 30 Minutes! Strength Training that will help you build strong muscles and bones, Core Training to help you develop a solid foundation for movement in your extremities and Cardio Training to help you burn belly fat and strengthen your heart and lungs, all in one workout will guarantee nothing but losses!




Fit Chick Extreme - The 45 Minute Extreme Workout! Need a challenge or to bust through a plateau? Looking to test your endurance? This workout is for YOU!

**These are on random Saturdays**


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Fit Chick Express - 30 Minute Workout Programs


With each Fit Chick Express Program you will Receive:


  • *A FREE fitness assessment and measurements every 4 weeks.

    *Access to our MEMBERS ONLY forum with extra workouts, recipes, support and much more!

    *Access to a trainer with questions regarding your workouts, nutrition, supplement, etc.

    *Individulalized group training in every class.



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